Best-in-class app development

How it works in 4 simple steps


Get matched to an expert

They’ll project manage everything – from kick-off to successful delivery.


Tell them what you need

You’ll get expert advice and a free prototype. Plus a fixed price and set deadline.


AI assembles your app

Choose features and our AI fits them together (like Lego blocks) to form your app.


Customised by specialists

Designers and developers tailor your features to make them uniquely yours.

Why Builder Studio?


Make your dream apps reality

We stack the features you need using re-usable, Lego-like building blocks, saving you time and money. Then we make all the customisations you want so your app is uniquely yours. And you never need to speak to a developer or agency.


Guaranteed pricing and clear timelines

We charge per feature, with everything defined in a pre-agreed Build Card before development starts. Plus we give you clear timelines up front, meaning nothing spirals out of control down the line.


Ongoing support

We don’t abandon you once your project is complete. Instead, our aftercare warranty continuously monitors your software, meaning we make updates, fix bugs and upgrade it before you realise there’s a problem.

Improve productivity, quality, and customer experience.

Application Development & Modernization Services

Build to succeed

Whether you are developing custom-made software to address specific business needs, or bringing legacy applications forward into the world of modern cloud technology, it is important that your application is built to be scalable and cost-effective to deliver tangible business benefits.

A well strategized and executed modern application delivers ease of maintenance and upgrades, scalability without loss of performance, cross platform compatibility, and above all, a compelling solution to a felt need, elevated by a great user experience. This is what we aim to achieve every single time.